Creating the illusion of water through solid home decor is never easy, but you can bring the theme to life by sticking with shades of blue, either cerulean, azure, or anything resembling the sea. Decor that signify life at the seashore would also contribute to the overall theme, like anchors, crabs, boats, and wooden barrels. Wrap these items with a curtain or felt paper with the shades mentioned above to strike the water illusion close to home!
2. Surrounding the Place with Mermaids
What would a mermaid-themed party be without any mermaids in attendance? Place a few mermaid figurines, paintings, and symbols to really bring the theme to life.
If you have a few lifesize statues lying around the store, then, by all means, recommend them to the customer! You just need to discuss where it would be placed so that it wouldn’t be an obstacle during the festivities. You may even sketch out the perimeter so that the placement would not be off.
3. Adding a Touch of Treasure to the Party
It may not be a pirate-themed party, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a couple of those elements as well. If your home decor inventory has a few wooden chests, you should offer them to the customer as well!
Mermaids and pirates have been “packaged” into similar story tropes throughout history, and not adding a treasure theme to the party would be a missed opportunity. Place the wooden chests around the place and add a couple of chocolate coins to them as the “sweet loot.” You may place them right next to the mermaid figurines for an added effect.
It may not be easy to organize and work with such an unusual party theme; however, dealing with the right home decor provider could definitely turn that vision into a reality. Knowing which decorations would go into which spot and placing them strategically will not only result in the best-themed gathering ever – it would also showcase the home decorator’s ability to adapt to such an extraordinary request! Combine the pieces with enthusiasm, communicate the plan with the customer, and watch the whole event unfold right before an impressed crowd.