Coastal designs are often an acquired taste. People often interpret them as a sort of aesthetic that would make their indoor spaces look like they are living off the shore or a nautical getaway, with their walls lined with maps, tabletops decorated with sea creature stills, and the living room chairs carved to look like anchors.
While this may be true most of the time, other design choices may bring out the coastal elements from their surroundings as well. These elements, while subtle, may efficiently give them and their house guests that familiar vibe of being at the seaside.
If you happen to be a home decor adviser wishing to help your clients to achieve a “cottage by the sea” look, consider the following tips below:
1. Experiment with Colors
This may seem like a very generalized and vague pointer at first glance, but keep in mind that this only refers to a handful of appropriate colors. To be more specific, the use of white and blue would bring out that beach-like atmosphere at home.
Motivate your clients to choose furniture and wall decors that are mostly made up of these two shades, adding a bit of variation when it comes to their tone and spectrum. Colors are often used to convey a certain emotion, and the right color palette can bring out that coastal feel—a relaxed feeling that is best expressed by the colors of the sea and the skies.
2. Acquire Furniture Made Up of Natural Materials
Being at the seaside, you can very much expect to see less of modern technology and more of the natural materials that a coastal surrounding may bring. You may have seen some driftwood, seashells, and coral rocks on your last trip to the beach. Notice how they were all washed ashore by the calming waves of the sea.
Your clients may apply that same coastal vibe by choosing furniture that is made up of similar materials. They can take the direct approach and buy ornaments that showcase these exact materials, or the subtle approach by buying furniture made up of other materials, but shows semblances of the coastal life—bonus points if they are made of wood, ropes, or rattan!
3. Choose Wood Carvings and Decors
Wood carvings are a perfect way to emulate life at sea. Your clients will be able to amaze their guests with the recognizable statue carvings of waves, starfish, seahorses, and turtles. These can either decorate the living and dining room or show them individually around the home. Either way, a touch of the sea’s best icons can make the home feel like a cozy cottage by the sea!
Coastal designs are not hard to achieve. By knowing the correct type of tones, furniture materials, and set pieces that your clients need to place in their homes, they will be able to create a feeling of living next to the sea. Shop for thematic ornaments, choose wooden carvings, and invest in nautical decor!