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Pelicans have been well known throughout the world as the beautiful bird of the beach, their presence reminding us of the ocean. These beautiful pelican mugs do just that- they offer a reminder to relax and enjoy the view as you sip your cup of tea or coffee, basking in the beauty of the mug. . There are a fabulous addition to your beach kitchen, and look cute in any place in your home or boat if set up for display. Makes a perfect beach gift for coastal lovers and pelican lovers This pelican mug features a blue, deep sea water background with two pelican mugs sitting. In between the pelicans and on the edges of the mug, three interesting facts about pelicans are showcased. Such an interesting, useful, and beautiful gem from the ocean. This pelican mug is absolutely perfect for beach lovers. It makes a great gift or a wonderful addition to your beach kitchen décor. Size: 16 ounces Please visit my shop to browse more items. Thanks for stopping by!

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