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You would think everyone was asking Santa for an octopus decoration, with how popular these beautiful octopus ornaments are. Now, here’s one cute critter that’s an ornament for the Christmas tree, just for you or your loved one! This happy swimmer is made of polystone with a brilliant blue enamel finish, it’s just one of an ocean full of souvenir sea life ornaments. If you don't want the classic Christmas decor, then this octopus ornament is the best choice. Perfect for coastal or sea-life themed holiday decor, for octopus lovers, or as a Christmas gift. Perfect as a Christmas gift or as Christmas decoration around the house. Can also be placed on shelves and table-tops as an elegant decorative piece year 'round. Material: Polystone Size: 3 3/4" Long In the box: Two Octopus Ornaments Please visit my shop to browse more items Thanks for stopping by!

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