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For all of you mermaid lovers or lovers of the sea, this mermaid necklace is the perfect jewelry accessory! This circular pendant is sure to draw you into the peacefulness of the deep waters with this majestic purple mermaid's tail necklace.

This mermaid necklace has a silver-plated adjustable chain that measures 17.7" to 19.3" (adjustable). The pendant is a circle, outlined in silver and has a picture of a purple mermaid's tail. In the tail are pink, blue, and sparkly gold polka dots.

This mermaid necklace is placed on a card that features a mermaid tail and words that read, "Let's make a splash!" In big letters. On the bottom in small letters reads:
"Close your eyes and make a wish,
when it breaks, your wish may come true."

This mermaid necklace is absolutely perfect for mermaid lovers, as a mermaid gift, or for yourself to wear as a daily fashion accessory.

Material: Zinc Alloy
Size: 17.7" to 19.3" (adjustable)

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