Jellyfish Glow in the Dark, Purple Glow in the Dark Figurine, Jellyfish Figurine, Glow in the Dark Sea Creature, Glass Jellyfish Paperweight


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Searching for a beautiful jellyfish figurine that glows in the dark? This purple jellyfish does the trick! It's both bright AND bold!

When this jellyfish paperweight is not glowing, it is a beautiful purple and when it is glowing in the dark, it’s a light blue. To make the jellyfish sculpture glow in the dark, put it up to a light for a few minutes. It will glow bright and then eventually fade out.

This lovely glow in the dark jellyfish makes a unique, special gift for scuba divers and beach lovers.
*If this is a gift, we will include a professional note describing the necklace and the instructions, allowing the recipient to understand that the heart pendant glows and how to make it glow.

Material: Glass
Size: 6 1/2 inches

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