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Material: Polystone This adorable hippo bundle comes with two figurines: a meditating hippo figurine and a showering hippo figurine. Meditating Hippo Figurine: This seated yogi hippopotamus is submerged in his yoga mediation pose. He’s calm, he’s centered, he has inner peace and mindfulness. It’s a whimsical gift made of polystone and crafted to bring you inner peace and fill you with awe. This adorable, happy hippo is perfect for any yoga or meditation practitioner, and can be placed on shelves, tabletops, and counters to bring you inner peace and joy daily. Size: 4 1/2" High Showering Hippo Figurine: Hippopotamuses love water, so it’s no surprise to see one bathing- but this is rare! This unusual hippo is taking a shower and seems to be really enjoying it! Just look at his proud eyes and big smile. This funny hippo makes a delightfully unique gift, sure to bring smiles and laughter once opened. This cute hippo figurine can also be placed on shelves, tabletops, and counters to bring you daily joy and to add a homey touch. Size:9 3/4" High In the box: two adorable hippo figurines: one meditating hippo and one showering hippo. Please visit my shop to browse more items. Thanks for stopping by!

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