Lighthouse Beacon Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder Nautical Kitchen Decor lighthouse figurines


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This lighthouse salt and pepper shaker holder is a decorative kitchen accessory designed to hold and display salt and pepper shakers in a charming and nautical-themed manner. Crafted from polyresin, this holder often takes the form of a miniature lighthouse.

The design features a lighthouse structure, complete with intricate details; windows, and a pointed top. The holder is painted in traditional lighthouse colors white and black stripes, resembling a classic coastal beacon. 

The holder is specifically designed to accommodate a pair of salt and pepper shakers, providing a designated space for these kitchen essentials. The shakers are usually positioned on either side of the lighthouse structure, allowing for easy access and adding a touch of whimsy to the dining or kitchen area.

This lighthouse salt and pepper shaker holder serves both a functional and decorative purpose, bringing a maritime flair to your dining table or kitchen counter while keeping your salt and pepper within reach.

Size: 5" High

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