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The sea turtle mama and baby figurine is a captivating and beautifully crafted decorative piece, featuring a stunning shade of blue that mimics the mesmerizing hues of the ocean. The figurine depicts a loving and tender moment between a mother sea turtle and her adorable baby.

The details of the figurine showcase the intricate patterns on the sea turtles' shells, adding a touch of realism to the artistic representation. The smooth, glossy finish of the blue color enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, giving the figurine a vibrant and eye-catching appearance.

The mama turtle is depicted with a graceful posture, perhaps with outstretched flippers, conveying a sense of nurturing and protection. The baby turtle, nestled close to its mother, exudes an endearing charm, making the figurine a heartwarming addition to any space.

The use of shades of blue not only adds a sense of tranquility but also symbolizes the connection with the sea and nature. This figurine serves as a symbolic representation of the beauty and significance of marine life, making it a thoughtful and meaningful decor piece for those who appreciate the wonders of the ocean.

Dimensions: 3" Long

Color: Blue

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