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Material: Circular turtle necklace For all of you turtle lovers or lovers of the sea, this sea turtle necklace is the perfect jewelry accessory! This circular pendant is sure to draw you into the peacefulness of the deep waters with its ocean-blue beauty and turtles swirling around majestically. This sea turtle necklace has a silver-plated adjustable chain that measures 21” to 29”. The pendant is a circle, outlined in silver and has a picture of two sea turtles swimming; one at the forefront and the second in the background. Their shells are filled with swirly loops, portraying a carefree and happy attitude. A hint of white light illuminates beautifully through the ocean blue waters. Sunshine, breezy blues, and turtles swimming freely is what makes up this beautiful turtle pendant, and will surely help you feel the same way. Aside from its beauty and qualities of tranquility, this turtle necklace is also filled with both meaning and symbolism as turtles are well known for their patience, wisdom, and endurance. Wear him close to your heart, as you embark on your daily life journey and as a reminder of these qualities that you can use on a daily bases. This sea turtle necklace is absolutely perfect for sea turtle lovers, as a turtle gift, or for yourself to wear as a daily fashion accessory. Size: 21” to 29” long adjustable chain Please visit my shop to browse more items. Thanks for stopping by!

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