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This beautiful starfish necklace is absolutely breathtaking. This ocean necklace is delicate, yet it has the perfect amount of glamour to them, brightening up your entire look when worn. Starfish are known for renewal, regeneration, and wit. When fighting off a predator, they let go of one of their limbs, and soon after they are able to regrow another limb, thriving and continuing on this journey of clever thinking, renewal, and regeneration. Not only are they filled with so much meaning, but this beach necklace also match beautifully so many outfits! They also make a lovely gift, perfect for beach lovers and nautical lovers. They are also a beautiful addition to your beachwear! This turtle necklace makes the most perfect turtle gift and comes with a little message reading: "Make a Wish make a wish and put on your jewelry, don't be afraid to be bold! wear this jewelry as a reminder to wish without limits... make it count!" This sea turtle necklace is perfect for sea turtle lovers, as a turtle gift, or for yourself to wear as a daily fashion accessory. Size: 18-20 inches (adjustable) Please visit my shop to browse more items. Thanks for stopping by!

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