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This smudging kit comes with three amazing kinds of smudging:
1. Palo Santo sticks
2. Roses, cinnamon, and pink quartz
3. Magic 7 herbs
This smudging kit is perfect for beginners or for those experienced in smudging. It is very romantic and is considered a love ritual kit! It also has instructions for performing a love ritual.

Smudging has been used centuries ago by the indigenous people in North America and features four elements: water, Earth, fire, and air (the shell represents water, the dried herbs represent Earth, the herbs when lit represents fire, and the smoke after it is lit represents air). Smudging is rich in history and culture and is a great way to bring in a new type of energy into your home!

Make sure to check out our other smudging tools such as shells, smudging sticks, and palo santo wood!

Material: Smudging sticks (dried herbs), lion shell
Size: Smudging sticks: 4"-6"

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