Crab Trinket Box, Crab Storage Box, Sea Crab Figurine, Crab Box, Beach Trinket


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This crab storage box is absolutely gorgeous! It's bejeweled and enameled with so much care and detail. This cute crab offers both glamour and sparkle! Its an absolute beauty to have around.

Hinged to open, this crab-shaped box is a keepsake to hold and hide a beloved trinket. it will definitely be adored as a decorative display as well.

This crab jewelry box also makes the perfect crab gift!

This crab trinket box is made of metal and can be displayed on shelves, tabletops, or dressers in any room of your beach home or boat!
It's handmade with excellent quality.

Material: Metal
Size: 4" Wide x 3/4" High

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