Sculpted Coral Elegance Sea Turtle Figurine Aqua Sea Turtle Figurine


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Dive into the tranquil beauty of our 'Mama and Baby Coral Sea Turtle Figurine' in a soothing aqua color. Crafted with exquisite detail, this sculpture captures the tender moment between a mother sea turtle and her adorable young baby. The aqua hues evoke the serenity of ocean waters, while the coral accents add a touch of elegance to the piece.

The larger mama turtle, with her gracefully arched shell, lovingly holding the smaller baby turtle above her shell. Intricate coral motifs adorn the base, creating a harmonious blend of marine life and underwater flora. The aqua color palette reflects the calm and peaceful nature of the ocean, making this figurine a captivating addition to any sea-inspired collection.

Perfect for those who appreciate the bond between parent and child, this figurine serves as a heartwarming reminder of the nurturing spirit found in the depths of the sea. Display it on your shelf, mantle, or tabletop to bring a touch of aquatic charm to your living space. This Mama and Baby Coral Sea Turtle Figurine in aqua color is a symbol of maternal love and the enchanting wonders of the ocean."

Size: 8" High
Material: High quality Polystone - coral look

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