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Material: Glass This cute sea turtle figurine portrays brightness, beauty, and strength. Throughout history, sea turtles have been well known for their patience, wisdom, endurance, and determination. These cute sea turtle figurines exemplify just that- while adding a hint of beauty and brightness to your home. These adorable sea turtle figurines are made of glass and have a smooth, shiny texture. The inside of the shell is blue, with green and white flowers inside. The precious limbs and head are solid black, and his cute eyes seem to be peering up amusingly. They have such realistic detailing at such a great price! These sea turtle accessories can also be used as figurines around the house, as a table-top display, or as part of your garden decor. Add them to your shadow box collection or your terrarium for added flare and beauty. Also makes a great gift for sea turtle lovers! Size: 4 1/4" by 3" Please visit my shop to browse more items Thank you for stopping by!

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