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Material: 100% Brass, Leather pouch There’s nothing more classically nautical than a solid brass-antique pocket compass! The front cover closure of this antique compass has an engraved anchor design, perfect for nautical lovers! The rest of the compass has a dark brass color, and reflects beautifully against the sun. When clicked open, the beautiful goldish-bronze glow of the inside of this special compass is clearly marked to show direction with the use of the high-quality needle point; the arrow marked in bright red. This classic compass comes with a vintage leather pouch to safely hold this working compass. This is truly perfect for vintage and antique lovers. It is also a great addition to your collection or a vintage, timeless gift for someone special. This working compass can be taken with you on the road, or kept in your home and office. Size: 2 inch" wide Please visit my shop to browse more items Thank you for stopping by!

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