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This beautiful beaded bracelet is not only adorable to wear, but it is also full of meaning. The beads are a soft lavender color accept for the 7 chakra beads. Each chakra bead has its own color and special meaning:

(Pictured starting with the purple bead)
Crown (sahasrara)- represents higher consciousness and thought
Third eye (ayna)- represents intuition and foresight
Throat (vishuddha)- represents the ability to speak and communicate effectively and clearly
Heart (anahata)- represents love, compassion, and acceptance
Solar Plexus (manipura)- represents self-esteem, pleasure, will-power, and personal responsibility
Sacral (svadhishthana)- represents creativity and sexual energies
Root (muladhara)- represents safety, security, and stability

Please see pictures for more details!

This bracelet makes a wonderful gift. Looks great with so many outfits and styles!

Material: Beads
Size: 2.5" Diameter Stretchable

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