One of the popular things that people do now is customizing their own rooms or spaces according to the theme that they like. 


  1. Stoneware Shell Vase Decoration

Mostly made of percaline Pink Horse Florida has a collection of Mermaid Vase, plate and more

  1. Mermaid Figurines

Mermaid figurines are a perfect addition to have, check our collection of Figurines; Sea Turtle Table Top, Mermaid Figurines. You can even find a crab or other sea creature to add to your collection. After all, the crab from that Disney movie is everyone’s best friend, so adding any sea creature is still aligned with the theme.

  1. Beautiful Wall Decor

A tropical touch to the homes we offer a beautiful wall art decor. It will give the space an instant aquatic feel!

      4. Coastal Theme Shower Curtains

We don't stop on having figurines, unique nautical & vintage decor treasures but we also have shower curtains and fit any coastal,nautical theme or beach house decor.