Themed parties are something that people of all ages enjoy, as they allow creativity and imagination to flow. Party hosts can choose from various motifs, such as sports, movies, video games, and even the most unconventional themes like zombies!

Another excellent example of a theme that you can use for a party is pirates. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a pirate and shout something along the lines of “Shiver me timbers!” Most people have daydreamed about being a pirate at least once or twice in their lifetime, whether children or adults.

A pirate-themed party will be very memorable if there’s proper planning and decorations involved. What exactly should you use to decorate for a pirate-themed party? Whether you’re a shop owner planning a party or wanting to sell the right decors for your clients, it pays to know how to properly decorate for a pirate-themed party! Read on below to learn more.

1 – Ships

A ship is a pirate’s pride and joy. After all, you can’t have a pirate without their pirate ship! To emulate the feel of pirate ships, you can set up tables that imitate tiny masts and sails. These masts and sails can be table napkins. Details are important, so try to imitate them through your napkins as much as possible.

2 – Skulls and Crossbones

If you ask someone the first thing that comes to mind about pirates, chances are they’ll mention the symbol of skulls and crossbones. Skulls and crossbones are a staple in pirate culture, so it only makes sense for you to use them as decoration.

You can make banners with the skull and crossbones logo on them, but make sure that the banner itself is black, and the skull and crossbones are colored white so it will stand out. Aside from that, you can also make treats that bear the skull and crossbones on them, such as cakes or cookies. Pirates love their bounty after looting, after all.

3 – Treasures

Treasures are what pirates are always after, so their inclusion in your pirate-themed party can be viewed as necessary. You could get a box and style it like a treasure chest to use at your party. Its contents could depend on whatever you consider as treasure in a party, such as treats or other party favors that your guests can take home after the party.

4 – Pirate Costumes

Decorations for your pirate-themed party are good, but they’re not enough to complete everything. After all, it’s a pirate-themed party, so everyone attending should be dressed up as an actual pirate. Thankfully, there are plenty of stores that sell complete pirate costumes.

On the other hand, you could make your pirate costume for the personal touch. You can even bring props to match your outfits, such as swords and a bottle of liquor. Pirates also tend to have parrot companions on their shoulders, so maybe you can look for an inanimate parrot figure and stick it on your shoulder. When it comes to pirate costumes, the possibilities are endless.

Other Ways to Decorate

A color theme composed of red, black, and white metallic colors will be enough to set the scene for your pirate party better. You can also get black and white balloons to match the atmosphere. If the balloons are plain, you can even draw skulls and crossbones on them.


The tips mentioned above can help you plan for a pirate-themed party. Make sure to follow them by the book to make the party memorable for everyone in attendance. The only thing left to do now is to plan, invite, and have fun!

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