The coastal interior is inspired by the beach. Since people are stuck inside their homes, homeowners now require that interiors be more relaxing and pay homage to nature. The beach, in particular, was heavily missed during the lockdown.
Adding reminders of the beach into the home can be incredibly relaxing. The beautiful color palettes are also beautiful in any interior—soft tones, natural light, the clean aesthetic, everything relaxing and breezy. Such things can make the house feel like summer all year round.
Although the theme has one vibe, there are different ways to decorate and style a room this way. Here are some coastal style tips that homeowners can incorporate into their homes:
Look 1: Tropical Island Coastal
For homeowners who love the island life, tropical island coastal is the style they are looking for.
This school of interior design is all about comfort and ease. It involves materials with deep and rich hues or lighter and brighter colors. Think about the ocean and the sky and how the two contrast yet complement each other. Add the warm and soothing colors of vegetation.
To make the place look more authentic, adding native elements made in bright and tropical patterns or sculptures made from wood can boost the sense of island life in the room as well.
Look 2: American Coastal
For people looking for a more casual and classic approach, the American coastal style is perfect. This style capitalizes on a relaxed and stylish interior with furniture and decor surrounded by ocean hues.
Think of all the natural and nautical elements like shells, coral, and driftwood in a clean interior. It screams beach because it uses anchors, fish, life preservers, or bright and warm colors. It definitely gives off that vibe of a relaxing ocean because of its relaxed approach.
Make the room appear breezy, casual, open, and elegant without over-decoration. What homeowners need are furniture pieces with restraint in mind.
Look 3: Mediterranean Coastal
The Mediterranean style works best for people looking for a romantic and straightforward aesthetic in a light and warm color palette. Unlike the light feels of the American Coastal style, this one is focused on heavy woods, black irons or metals, detailed carvings, natural light, and sun-baked colors. Mediterranean Coastal rooms are also airy and straightforward, maximizing natural light and outdoor views.
Coastal decor is a classic look that never goes out of style, just like the love of the beach and nature is timeless. This style plays with bright and bold tropical colors against neutrals, blues, and greens. All these combined can provide that relaxing experience that people always look for inside a home, and the style is not only exclusive to homes found in the coastal area.