When people think of themes, parties may come to mind. While it’s true that many celebrations follow a specific theme to make things more fun, they’re not just limited to Halloween, birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion. Themes are also pretty nice to incorporate into your home decor!

The Deal About Themes for Home Decor

Now, we know what many homeowners are worried about, that you’ll have to stick with just one theme or that having a decorating style can seem too, well, “theme-y.” But, what many misunderstand is that a theme doesn’t always allude to a party event. When applying themes for a home’s interior design, the visual look doesn’t have to be centered around a topic or idea and is fun for a day.

A decorating style is much bigger than a theme. Instead of basing all of your decorating choices to match a specific theme, your home could look a bit kitschy. Yes, you have a concept to follow, but your home decor should tell a story that you want to express.

With the right interior design choices, you can include themed objects that tie back to a specific decorating style without sacrificing the other subtle elements that reflect your personality, individuality, and personal style. It’s all about balance—you express your life and identity through your interior design while using different themes.

Once you understand the true purpose of decorating, going for nautical decor doesn’t seem so over the top, does it?

The Right Amount of Nautical

Yes, we know that having an interior design centered around the ocean seems like something fit for a birthday party dedicated to a kid who loves pirates and fish. There are undoubtedly many misconceptions about having a nautical-themed room—some think you have to include tiny boats in places or add some anchor motifs, while others see nautical decor fit for a beach house.

Nautical decor can look chic in every kind of home! Your home can evoke a nautical aesthetic without overpowering the space—all it takes is the proper use of color, texture, and some themed items.

Here are some ways you can incorporate a nautical theme without making your place look like it came from a yachting magazine:

  1. Wall Art

Nautical decor doesn’t have to be something too loud; a painting that shows a boat or depicts an ocean scene is enough to be considered nautical decor. A nautical-themed picture will fit just right in a room with other nautical features and even on its own. 

  1. Standout Piece

One design element can transform the room and give it a whole new vibe. The perfect standout piece can give any place a nautical twist without putting in too much work. 

If you’re looking to include something simple and not too overt, a single nautical-themed piece may be something you might be interested in. With all of the available wholesale nautical decor in the market, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect decor for your space!

  1. Color Palette

You don’t need to have ocean-inspired items strewn across your home for it to have a nautical theme. If you want to go much subtler, you can base your interior design on the color scheme, like red, white, and blue. You can also make the space feel fresh and inspiring by using blue as the dominant hue.


Nautical decor doesn’t have to be overwhelming! All it takes is strategic planning and a few subtle touches here and there for any space to feel as calm and refreshing as the ocean while still incorporating your personality in the design. With the perfect nautical decor, you’ll be able to nail this aesthetic in your humble abode!

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